A Homeowner’s Guide to HVAC Maintenance

by | Mar 4, 2021

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to pay the bills, you also need to make sure everything in your home is working efficiently. This includes HVAC maintenance.

Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance just as your car does. When done correctly and in a timely manner, routine maintenance can help prevent HVAC system repair or delay full HVAC system replacement. While you will want a quality HVAC technician looking over your system each spring and fall, we have some suggestions that you can do yourself.

HVAC Maintenance to Do Right Now

  • Make sure there is at least two feet clear around the outside HVAC unit.  It is easy for debris like leaves, twigs, dirt and pollen to gather around or on top of the unit. 
  • Buy high-efficiency air filters so that you have them ready when needed.

What to Do Once a Month

  • Inspect the refrigerant lines that come from your HVAC unit into your home. You won’t get comfortable temperatures inside if the lines become worn, develop leaks or become detached.
  • Clean two feet around the outside HVAC unit.

Do These Tasks Once a Season

  • Replace the air filter every 90 days.
  • Turn off water to the furnace humidifier in the summer.
  • Replace the humidifier filter and turn water back on in the fall.
  • When you start your unit, be aware of any unusual odors or noises.  These could indicate a more severe problem.

Yearly HVAC Maintenance

  • Replace batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Make sure your unit is level.
  • Clean out the air conditioner condenser drain to eliminate buildup of mold and algae.

In addition to these tasks, you will also want professional HVAC maintenance from a qualified HVAC technician twice a year – spring and fall. Your heating and cooling system is rather complex, and some issues might not be apparent to you. There are also more checks that need to be done such as checking for proper functioning of electrical components and ductwork, leaks, and lubrication.

At Team AIR-zona, we believe the old saying that ‘prevention is the best medicine. With a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan in place, your heating and A/C units can continue to run efficiently and last a long time.

Are you ready to save on energy costs, stay comfortable all year long, and protect your HVAC system investment? Contact us today to schedule HVAC maintenance!

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