HVAC Prices Continue to Rise For 2023

by | Dec 22, 2022

The last year was hard for many small businesses. In the heating and cooling industry, HVAC system supply shortages were largely responsible for the strain on relationships between local businesses and their valued customers. Add rising inflation costs and labor retention issues, and many homeowners found themselves facing high HVAC prices and long waits for a simple “HVAC service near me.”

While inflation rates in Arizona have entered the double digits, those rates often translate to even heftier prices for the consumer. Skyrocketing gas prices result in more service fees as suppliers attempt to recoup their losses. Even more, the HVAC industry is implementing new energy efficient standards and testing for central air conditioners and heat pumps that could severely delay home construction in the state. The new regulations further indicate that HVAC prices will continue to rise for 2023. 

What do the new HVAC regulations mean for Arizona homeowners?

As HVAC system manufacturers rush to ensure their units meet the new requirements, Arizona homeowners wonder what this could mean for them. Starting in 2023, all new central air conditioners and heat pump systems in the US will require a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) between 14 and 15, depending on location and cooling load. Because SEER works as a measure of a HVAC system’s cooling performance, a higher SEER indicates a more energy efficient unit. While the new HVAC regulations have a January 1st deadline, Arizona representatives are pushing for a six month extension to allow enough time to adjust to the new requirement. They say requiring a 15 SEER could complicate an already difficult housing market.

How do the new minimum efficiency standards affect HVAC prices?

The US Department of Energy (DOE) raised the minimum efficiency standard for central air conditioning and heat pump systems from 1 to 14 or 15 SEER. Coupled with the phasing out of a popular refrigerant for residential cooling systems, the HVAC industry is looking at a pretty big revamp of existing heating and cooling systems. Designed to be more energy efficient and environmentally safe, these heating and cooling systems under the new regulations will likely have a higher price tag. To avoid making units larger to accommodate requirements, some manufacturers are opting to redesign their units entirely. This adjustment to meet national standards may cost HVAC suppliers up to 20% more, which will likely result in higher HVAC prices for consumers in 2023.

Does my HVAC system meet requirements?

The regulations set by the DOE intend to drive the same amount of cooling with less electricity. If your heating and cooling system is more than eight years old and/or is less than 15 SEER, you may want to consider replacing it before the price increases. Plus, an energy efficient unit with 15 SEER will result in cheaper utility bills. The new testing standard does not necessarily affect your current HVAC system, but the energy-efficient adjustments will result in higher HVAC prices in the future. The SEER2 requirements apply to units manufactured and/or installed after the January 1st deadline.

What should I do about my AC unit and/or heat pump?

If you have an aging unit that you’ve been meaning to repair, this may be time to consider a total system replacement! To take advantage of the January 1st deadline, you can ask about upgrading your system with existing inventory today. Since manufacturers won’t be allowed to install these units after the deadline, you can probably find them at a cheaper price before they run out. Contact your local HVAC experts at Team Air-zona to learn more about keeping your HVAC system updated and running efficiently.

How can the experts at Team AIR-zona help me combat increasing HVAC prices?

Neighborhood prices

Not only will labor and supply shortages contribute to the increase in consumer cost, but the new regulations will cause HVAC prices to continue to rise in 2023. As a Bryant 2022 Award Winner of the Medal of Excellence, Team AIR-zona is proud to offer quality HVAC services including AC and heating system repair, maintenance, and replacement at an affordable price. Our trusted HVAC technicians serve Queen Creek, Tempe, Sun Lakes, Gilbert, Florence, San Tan Valley, Phoenix and Ahwatukee, Scottsdale, Mesa, Apache Junction, and Chandler. 

Special HVAC system financing options

As your trusted neighborhood HVAC experts, Team AIR-zona is dedicated to making energy efficient heating and cooling accessible to everyone. We offer special financing options for HVAC replacement when it’s right for you. Apply for 60 months financing or 10% cash back on a new system purchase. If you decide to repair your existing AC, you can get help paying for AC repair with 36 months financing at 0% interest. 

Worry-free HVAC maintenance 

At Team AIR-zona, we’re confident that we can find you an energy efficient AC and heating solution that not only meets the new requirements, but takes your future plans into consideration. HVAC prices may continue to rise as we see the new regulations begin to cost manufacturers, but we’re on your side. Ask Team AIR-zona about financing an AC system replacement or scheduling tune-ups with a worry-free HVAC maintenance plan. If you’re not ready for a total system replacement, committing to regular check-ups could keep your unit running better for longer, saving you money.

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