Common AC Repairs and How Much They Cost

by | May 10, 2022

Residential and commercial air conditioners are absolutely essential for everyday comfort in hot climates. Just like any other appliance, however, there comes a day when repairs are needed for one reason or another. Planning in advance for those days can help you budget for AC repairs and help you know what to expect.


With that in mind, let’s take a look at what influences AC repair costs, how much some typical repairs can be, whether repair or replacement makes the most sense, and how to protect yourself from expensive AC repairs.

Factors That Affect AC Repair Cost


The only way to truly know exactly how much your AC repair will cost is to schedule an appointment with your local HVAC experts. Then, they will assess and diagnose the problem and provide an estimate for repairs. Ultimately, the final cost of AC repairs depends on several factors:


  • Whether or not your AC unit is still covered under any warranty
  • How large and/or complex your AC system is
  • How much your local HVAC company charges per hour for labor (most AC technicians are billed out at $75-$150 per hour)
  • Timing of the repair – emergency AC repairs on the weekend or on a holiday are typically more expensive
  • What parts are required
  • How accessible your AC is (the more difficult it is to access, the more labor will be required)


Types of AC Repairs and How Much They Cost


While the final cost depends on the factors mentioned above, and may vary based on your specific location, let’s look at some ballpark figures for how much some of the most common AC repairs cost:


  • AC thermostat replacement: $100 – $450
  • AC tune-up: $70 – $200
  • Flush of A/C condensation line: $75 – $250
  • Replacement of the AC drain pan: $200 – $600
  • Replacement of the AC air handler: $1,500 – $3,400
  • AC condenser replacement: $300 – $4,200


Note: The figures above are for informational purposes only and based on nationwide averages.


Should You Repair or Replace Your AC?


Of course, there are many more possible AC repairs than just the short list mentioned above. However, looking at the list, you can see that an average repair could range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. That being said, it’s important to realize that replacement of the entire system could cost between $2,500 and $12,000 depending on the size and brand of the unit and whether new ductwork is required.


You may opt for AC repairs vs. replacement if:


  • Your system is less than 10 years old
  • The repair cost is low
  • You plan to move soon


On the other hand, AC replacement may be warranted if:


  • Your system is older than 10 years old
  • The cost of the repair is approaching the cost of a new system
  • Your system has required multiple costly repairs in the last year


How to Prevent Expensive AC Repairs


Just like maintaining any other household appliance, prevention is typically the best medicine if you want to stay away from an emergency or costly AC repair. That means scheduling routine maintenance for your AC system to keep it clean and functioning as intended. Regular maintenance can also be the means by which small problems are discovered and fixed before they have the opportunity to fester, grow, and create an expensive or emergency situation.


At Team AIR-zona, we want you to be comfortable all year round. That’s why we offer an affordable HVAC maintenance plan to all of our customers. With this plan, you get many benefits including:


  • Two tune-ups per year
  • Priority scheduling
  • Free diagnostic with repair
  • 20% discount on HVAC repairs
  • 5% discount on HVAC system replacement


Maintenance plan members realize even more savings when they prepay for a 1 year, 2 year, or 3 year plan. Simply put, our HVAC maintenance plan is the easiest, most affordable way to keep your entire HVAC system running smoothly.


Whether you need AC repairs or a whole new system, we’re the team to meet your comfort needs as the premier HVAC company servicing Queen Creek, Tempe, Sun Lakes, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Apache Junction, and surrounding areas. Simply contact us today to get the best HVAC service in the East Valley.

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