5 Reasons Your AC System Could Fail

by | Feb 9, 2022

Here in Arizona, a functional air conditioner is a necessity! Dealing with an air conditioner problem can cause a lot of frustration and discomfort. That is why we want you to know some warning signs that your AC system could fail this summer.

Watch Out For These Reasons Your AC System Could Fail

#1: Clogged Air Filters

A clogged air filter reduces the flow of air through the unit, making it tougher to cool your home. Air filters keep the dust out of your home so your unit can circulate clean air. A dirty air filter will shorten the life of your AC unit and reduce efficiency. You should change your air filter when it’s dirty. How often it should be changed depends on the type of air filter, if you have pets in the home, poor air quality, or allergies. Put it on your calendar to check every month!

#2: Blocked Air Vents

You may think you’re saving energy by closing vents in unused rooms, but the opposite is true. Blocking vents restricts airflow and can damage the AC compressor, cause damage to ductwork, and lower efficiency. So, make sure your vents are open and clear of furniture, drapes, toys, etc.

#3: Crowded Outdoor Unit

The area around the outdoor unit needs clear space for proper airflow. Clear any bushes, leaves, trash and dirt around it. These obstructions can restrict airflow causing wear and future damage to the system.

#4: Older AC System

General wear and tear on the system’s components adds up over time. If you have problems with your AC unit and it is older than ten years, it may make more sense to replace your AC system than to repair it.

#5: Skipped AC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance will help keep your system running longer and more efficiently. When you skip maintenance, small problems that could have been prevented turn into big problems. You don’t want to wait until your AC stops blowing cold air in the middle of the summer to realize you have a problem.

Get the Best AC Maintenance in the Phoenix Area!

If you want to prevent any of these common reasons your AC system could fail, Team Air-zona can help! HVAC system maintenance can optimize your air conditioner’s performance, help prevent repairs or delay full AC system replacement.

We even offer an  HVAC maintenance plan that includes 2 tune-ups per year, priority scheduling, free diagnostic with repair, 20% discount on repairs and 3.5% discount on system replacement. That is a win-win for you! Contact us today … We are ready and happy to help!

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